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Outset Ventures

We worked with Outset Ventures — the champions of deep technology founders — to launch them into their next phase of growth. They had two motivations to undertake a rebrand: a name (LevelTwo) that unfortunately became synonymous with Covid-19 — yet meant very little to their community; and the opening of a brand new fund and refurbished lab/office space — the right time to re-introduce themselves to the world. We worked with internal and external stakeholders to identify what made Outset stand out in a fast growing industry; identifying their strengths, and building a new brand from the ground up.

Sparked by the wonder and intrigue of deep technology, our visual response speaks to discovery and invention. A visual mapping of ideas embraces imperfection, curiosity, and process — presenting Outset Ventures as an open-minded hub of ideas, community and growth. Inspiration is taken from the visual language of deep tech, such as patent drawings and iconography, balancing expert, specialised detail and a tactile, a hands on feel.