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Scarlett’s Spritzers

Scarlett’s Spritzers were a new product being launched by contemporary, premium and loved New Zealand wine company Invivo. Described as a wine spritzer, this product will be fruit based (berry and lime and elderflower to start), mixed with sparkling water and wine.

The name ‘Scarlett’s’ is in reference to a local, and extinct, duck whose fossils were discovered by New Zealand palaeontologist Ron Scarlett. Scarlett’s duck is thought to have lived mainly in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, where Invivo produces most of its wine. There is only one drawing of this duck for reference, held by a museum in Wellington, New Zealand, which added to its mystery and intrigue. We worked with Bjorn Lie to illustrate the duck’s distinct characteristics such as its wide bill, eye markings and feather details.

Designed while working at Special Group.