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Dirty Water

Following the ever-popular ‘White Claw Summer’ new wave RTD trend, Garage Project did what they do best — got experimental with their twist on a seltzer. The result: a real fruit, low-calorie, brewed not blended, alcoholic banger. Brewed, because that’s their sweet spot, and also because that neatly circumvents the liquor-store-only restrictions that spirit-based RTDs are bound by.

We started with a drink, and a collective vision to do good in the world: good, like cleaning up the well documented TERRIBLE waterways in our “clean, green” country. 10 per cent of profits will go to support clean water initiatives as Garage Project continue a long relationship with the Million Metres Streams Project.

Dirty Water was born — a reference to our waterways, and to addition of alcohol into the drink. These unassuming cans have high credentials, but to the loyal fans in their 20’s, it’s also just about “getting on the Dirties” or having “a dirty Saturday night”. Ripe for memes and tik tok reels. Eschewing both the category norms of white-on-white / pastel-washed “better for you” RDTs — the graphic standard of “clean, natural, low-cal” — and the typical notion of “dirty”, these cans scream HOT SUMMER. Bright and flavourful, fluid colour combos evoke waterways, lakes and streams. Expertly brewed and crafted, and definitely in no way blended.

Best Awards 2021: Awarded Bronze: Packaging.