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“My aspiration is to be a platform for economic and social growth, and in the future to be environmental champions.” 
— Che Wilson, Atihau Director

Awhi is a Māori-owned farming company based at the foothills of Mātua te Mana, Mt Ruapehu, in New Zealand’s central North Island — with global ambitions. Their purpose is to rejuvenate the land for their people, to reconnect them to their land and customs. To build and share knowledge and prosperity by adding increased value to their primary produce by creating consumer-facing products and services — directly, with no middle man. We were briefed to create a customer-facing brand that had broad global appeal whilst accurately representing Atihau’s kaupapa. To achieve this through whanaungatanga and through traditional concepts of kaitaikitanga

Awhi means to embrace, to cuddle, to nurture, to stick closely together — the perfect name to represent these products and the people behind them. The iconic enclosed hand gesture comes from the wonderfully expressive Tawhitinui Tūpuna {now at home in the Whanganui museum}. The closed hand gesture is a symbol of protection, connection (the puku to the whenua) and prosperity. The warmth and embrace of this gesture is universal — drawn with an artisan texture it is injected with a sense of raw nature that connects it back to the land.

Awhi celebrates manaaki — a naturally welcoming, hospitable spirit and illustrates our whanaungatanga — the ability to form close, enduring relationships.